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Single Family Home Investing Course

“I am Toby Brown, a multi-conglomerate entrepreneur and CEO of two majorly successful brands: TB Realty, LLC: Oklahoma City’s leading real estate property management firm, and Success Vodka: a newly acquired brand that is already ruling OKC’s liquor industry. Working in every facet of Real Estate for almost 20 years, I am coaching newcomers on what it takes to Succeed in the industry.
Whether investing in your first property, or wanting to dive into property management, I can help sharpen your skill set, launch your career and ultimately build the legacy you desire.

I am excited to get started in the process to inspire and motivate those with a strong work
- Toby Brown


1 on 1 Mentoring

Those looking to LEVEL UP are offered an exclusive meet-up with Toby Brown! Take time for inspiration and drive. Real Estate and Business Mentoring available here!



Want to get started in Real Estate Investing? Whether it’s your first home, or your tenth, this course covers the tool and secrets you need to push you further!


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